Hello There.

I will be telling you the story of how data flows into the Redux.

Before Start let’s know the characters:

Actions: To define the constants and functions that help us to take request from view.

Reducers: For updating stored data in store.

Sagas: Middle-ware for calling the API’s.

Stores: Source of truth to store data.

Note: You can change characters as you want it’s your story. (Only Middle-ware :))

Now we can start:

First we have to configure our store.

import { Provider } from 'react-redux';
import configureStore from 'appState/stores/configureStore';
const store = configureStore();
<Provider store={store}>
<MyComponent />…

Hello fellas!

As a tradition, let us create our first “Hello World” app using Rails with React.


Rails Ref: https://gorails.com/setup/ubuntu/18.04

Note: Please install as per your system configurations

Here, I am dividing your whole ride into three baby steps.

Open your terminal and follow the steps (Type or Run the commands).

Step 1: Start The Rail

rails new rails_with_react -T --webpack=react --skip-coffee

if you are curious:

— webpack instruct Rails to pre-configure for JavaScript with the webpack bundler

— skip-coffee we are using React so skipping coffee

Now, let’s go into the project directory

cd rails_with_react

let’s create a…

I was working with Puma-Dev with Ruby on Rails and there are so many difficulties to find the instructions on setup Puma-Dev on the Ubuntu environment.

So I am writing this blog for some steps I followed to setup Puma-Dev on my Ubuntu system. I Hope it will help.

If you want to try yourself or need some guidance here is the Link for Puma-Dev Doc for reference.

There are some dependencies before installing Puma-Dev.

  1. Go Installation:

Go to the terminal and run

sudo apt install golang-go

You can verify if it’s installed or not by running:

go version


Abhinav Shakya


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